Who We Are

Edtal Technologies is a fast growing digital education company revolutionizing the education system in Pakistan. We offer a versatile cloud based digital learning platform which integrate all academic relations together with clear smart learning approach.

The education landscape is continuously evolving, our focus is to integrate technology with learning we endeavored to blend constructivist pedagogy and interactive learning techniques to offer innovative, scalable and
affordable solutions to the education community.

“Education for us is not just business it’s a cause”


Our Vision is to be the best Digital Education Solutions provider


Our Mission is to transform education in Pakistan


At Edtal Technologies our values drive us in everything we do

Our Values in All Our Interactions

Take ownership and deliver

We’re accountable for how we act, what we do and what we achieve. We know that when we take ownership, we’re more driven to work towards an outcome that goes above and beyond the norm.

Keep learning

We understand the value of learning. We know that staying on top of best practice helps us improve our products, better meet and exceed client needs and stay competitive.

Work together to achieve great things

We know that great success is rarely achieved alone, That’s why we work closely with our clients, partners and each other to arrive at solutions that we can all feel proud of.

Innovate with purpose

We work in a rapidly evolving industry, so innovation is essential for the sustainability and growth of our business. That’s why we encourage our people to continuously seek better, more creative solutions that will help us realize our strategic goals and better serve our clients and partners.

What We Do

Edtal platform helps students, teachers, parents & academic institutes to simplify lives and shift from traditional learning method to the digital user friendly learning environment. We are dedicated to making our system more intuitive and interactive education ecosystem.

We provides the freedom to learners what they want when they want it, they can access material from anywhere and at anytime even at the pace they wish for learning.



Learners have opportunities to verbalize their conceptual understanding and demonstrate newly acquired skills


Learners engage in the process of acquiring skills and concepts by making connections between past and present learning experiences


Enables learners concepts and abilities and helps teachers to gauge students understanding of key concepts and their skill development


Learners actively explore their environment and experiment with materials to identify concepts and develop skills


Through new experiences, learners develop deeper and broader understanding of major concepts, obtain more information on their areas of interest, and refine their skills


It is so much easier to learn new things when you really want to. Our focus is on creating measurable results; therefore all our solutions have clearly defined effect goals.

We Provide

Curriculum Solution


We provide a comprehensive curriculum solution that seamlessly integrates impactful audiovisuals, digital activities, simulation, lesson plans, assessments and more.

Academic Partners


We provide a team of experienced professionals who have had direct exposure in digitalization setting up of Academic Institutions learning operations as per quality standards.

Self-Learning Environment


We helps students learn at their own pace, in their own space. Learners can get access to study material from anywhere and at anytime.

Administrative Solution


Administrative Solution connects and control all processes, departments and stakeholders, that facilitates an end-to-end management of the teaching and learning processes.

Teachers Solution


Teacher Solutions have innovative tools and unique assessments to make the digital classroom. With our user friendly course designing feature teacher can create attractive digital courses.

EDUTECH - Digital Platform

EduTech is a complete Cloud Based Learning Platform. It is the key to success in this modern era full of technologies.

21st Century Education

Driving force behind our products
User Friendly , Productive & Efficient , Cloud based can be accessed on multiple digital devices ,
Scalable , Secure , Flexible , Reliable , Multiple reporting
Cost effective , Increase Performance, Greater Control



We are your partner in revolutionizing education and working together with you to enable success for your institution or organization with innovative technologies and services.
We believe in partnerships with our customers, vendors, and other stakeholders to build up the ecosystem over a long time horizon.


Edtal Technologies have a great dedicated technical experts, domain experts and domain consultants to provide their best services